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At no time in history has the demand for people with a working knowledge of Horticulture been higher. A Horticulturist is a person who specialises in in the intensive growing of fruits vegetables, animals and ornamental plants. The word intensive is what sets it apart from General Agriculture. Instead of Farm or ranch, think garden, orchard or pen. To put in the simplest terms a Horticulturist is trained to get the maximum output from the minimum amount of land.

Within this field there are many specialties including:

  • Viticulture (vine plants like grapes)
  • Arboriculture (Trees fruit bearing or not)
  • Growing fruit
  • Growing Herbs
  • Growing Vegetables (organic or not)
  • Raising Goats
  • Aquaculture (Raising fish, shrimp, crab etc. in ponds or tanks)
  • Hydroponics (growing plants in liquids without soil)
  • Aquaponics (a combination of Aquaculture and Hydroponics)
  • Many, Many More

Take this multimedia lesson from some of our online horticulture courses for example.  Sure, it's difficult to provide examples for every course, but it will certainly help to provide you with an idea of you can expect from your learning experience.  If you are interested in the horticulture, it's worth watching anyway:

One of the wonderful things about this field is that it is growing and developing at such a tremendous rate. With all the attention that living green and eating organic or local has been garnering in the news Horticulture and its related technology is growing a so fast it can be hard to keep up with the new developments.

That is the advantage of studying with Learning Cloud. Our people are not just trainers; they are people who are actively involved in their fields; people who get excited with every new development and stay current not because they need to for their job but because they genuinely love their subjects.

Most learning programs frown on people who get excited and rock the boat but at Learning Cloud we not only like people who push the limits of their fields but we love people who are true zealots about the subjects that they teach.
We count on our instructors being excited about their subjects. We have expended a great deal of effort in developing programs that are designed to not only make learning fun again but to get students excited about learning. That is why if a trainer isn't excited about a course or can't share their excitement with their students, you won't find them here.

Subjects like Horticulture bear greatly on the future of not only the individuals that practice it but on our entire future as a country and civilization. That is something to be excited about.

It doesn't matter if you want to study so that you can open your own cut flower or organic herb business or if want to live a self-sustaining life off grid. Maybe you just want to learn how to get more apples from your trees or have a healthier garden pond. There is a program of courses at Learning Cloud that will let you learn what you need and not just within a classroom but within a culture that is dedicated to both your education and personal growth.

Learning doesn't have to be a drag. When you are excited about a subject and are studying with people who are just as excited as you are learning becomes a joy. Contact Learning Cloud today and let us show how delightful your learning experience can be.

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