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Home Fruit Growing

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Home Fruit Growing AHT104

Grow an abundance of fresh fruit, berries and nuts, efficiently and economically. Preserve your harvest and trade or give away excess surplus produce to your friends and neighbours.

Learn how to raise soil fertility, choose the best fruits for your situation, and grow them in a way which controls pests and diseases without using dangerous chemicals.

Cool and warm climate fruits are covered in this course and because you, like every other student will have your own very specific desires and needs when embarking upon this course, you are also given the option to concentrate your study on the types of fruits which are of most interest to you.

The course notes we provide are only part of what you will potentially learn. The experiences you have through your set tasks, and if you choose, the use of the school’s many support services can provide you with a range of varied learning experiences according to your own specific needs.

The course is divided into six lessons as follows

1.  Introduction

2.  Soils, site preparation & planning.

3.  General Cultural Practices

4.  Tree Fruits

5.  Nuts and Vines

6.  Berries

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