Tissue Culture

Tissue Culture

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Study Tissue Culture with this short correspondence course

Tissue culture involves growing plants from very small sections (sometimes microscopic) in a laboratory. It is a propagation method which is being increasingly used. Tissue culture is not appropriate for many plants, but for others such as orchids, some indoor plants and in particular, many new plant varieties, it is a very popular propagation method. 

There are nine lessons as follows:

  1. Introduction including a review of basic plant nutrition.
  2. Plant Nutrients.
  3. The Laboratory
  4. Micropropagation Techniques
  5. Plant Hormones
  6. The Tissue Culture Environment
  7. Commercial Applications
  8. Taking Plants out of Culture
  9. Culture of Selected Species

On successful completion of the course you should be able to do the following:

  • Explain the nature of plant growth processes, in the tissue culture environment
  • Determine growing media to use for tissue culture
  • Specify appropriate micropropagation procedures for different purposes
  • Explain the management of environmental control equipment used in tissue culture
  • Design a layout for a commercial tissue culture facility
  • Determine appropriate commercial applications for tissue culture

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