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Information Technology has grown exponentially in the past three decades. No other industry has had such an impact on the globe, and there appears to be no slowing this fast growing career field. Every business, merchant, community and industry in the Australia feels the impact of changes in the Information Technology field. Because of the rapid pace of change and the continual search for improvement, the Information Technology industry cultivates the best and brightest to be exploratory learners, self-motivated problem solvers, and confident leaders in their field. Information Technology degrees and education online offer unique opportunities to utilise revolutionary technology and be a part of the new global information network.

Take this lesson from some of our IT courses for example, an industry that is currently booming.  Sure, it's difficult to provide examples for every course, but it will certainly help to provide you with an idea of what you can expect from your learning experience with Learning Cloud.  If you are interested in IT, it's certainly worth watching anyway:

Information Technology majors are vital to the modern workforce. Nearly every medium to large corporation contains an Information Technology department tasked with ensuring computerised processes run streamline and accurate. Those employed in this department are responsible for installing, configuring and troubleshooting computer networks and technology utilised by their employer. Computer network systems such as LAN (local area networks) and WAN (wide area networks) keep companies able to communicate and conduct business on a daily business. Information Technology majors must ensure the integrity of the network and that the technology is maintained properly.

Some Information Technology majors may work on the front lines to design and implement programs and software used by customers, employees, or contractors. As part of a programming group or project team, and Information Technology major may be responsible for designing or analysing computer systems or software and working with users to ensure proper usage. Those interested in the Information Technology field must have strong skills in analysis and problem solving. Many degree programs place emphasis on mathmatics and science curriculum, as well as hardware focused, hands-on clinical study. Developing these skills assist those in the Information Technology field in successfully designing, deploying, and maintaining a business's technological infrastructure.

The most common career path for Information Technology graduates is computer technician or network administrator. In these fields, an individual will work on a team to maintain the network systems of a company, municipality or government entity. This position generally requires a degree and offers a starting salary above many other undergraduate degrees. The average salary in this position is approximately $100,000 per year. This industry is generally considered to have a positive outlook in the next one to two decades, due to rapidly changing technology and an increased reliance on computers in business and personal transactions.

The growing field of Information Technology security also offers a new and unique opportunity for those entering this field. Advanced security and computer forensics are two rapidly growing fields for Information Technology majors, offering exciting new branches of this specialisation to consider. Health information records, government database administration and financial technology are also expected to grow steadily in the coming decade, making an Information Technology degree a wise choice when selecting a secondary education field or expanding on an existing education. Information Technology majors hold the keys to a new and exciting future.

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