Why Enrol with Learning Cloud?

We make learning an exciting experience by using only the latest technology, combined with explosive lesson design.

Learning Cloud Australia has a strong focus on the environment and the long term sustainability of our planet. With our leading industry partnerships and programs, Learning Cloud graduates are well placed for amazing careers. Today's businesses are looking for graduates with a vast range of skills and talents but with a focus on the environment. The College has a commitment to embedding sustainability principles across all college activities with courses and programs designed to set our graduates apart.

Studying with Learning Cloud could see you volunteering with many environmentally focused businesses and groups that may lead to long term employment and perhaps a life changing career.

  • Graduates are extremely successful. Our success rates are high. Studying with Learning Cloud gives students a unique set of soft skills in addition to their studies. These include skills such as time management, the ability to work independently, self-motivation and more.
  • Flexibility — you can study when and where you want. Our courses and programs work beautifully across all devices while providing you with live academic support. You will still receive your traditional printed course materials but now all of your training and learning materials will be available from any device as well.
  • Tutors are highly qualified and experienced - more so than for most other colleges (compare our minimum requirements for tutors with other colleges -3 years + full time post-secondary education and 5 years + experience)
  • Service to students is more immediate than at other colleges — our trainers and Tutors are on duty 5 days a week, 50 weeks of the year and will respond to you in real time.