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Home Garden Expert Course

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Home Garden Expert Course AHT101

Do you love your garden?

Does it bring you immense enjoyment, relaxation and do you take pride in your garden?

  • Whatever your motivation for working in your garden, this course will show you practical and valuable hints on becoming an expert in your garden.
  • Whether you garden for relaxation, express your creativity, to beautify your living space or to grow food, this course will help you be a better gardener.
  • Learn to grow and identify healthy plants.
  • Avoid wasting money -choose plants and materials that give you value.
  • Enjoy home gardening with new confidence and passion.

Once you’re an expert, you will discover a whole new world of gardening in your own garden

There are 8 lessons in this course:

  1. Basic Plant Identification & Culture
    • Plant names, planting, transplanting, tools & equipment.
  2. Soils & Nutrition
    • Soil structure, nutrition, composting, soil building, drainage, fertilizers.
  3. Pests & Weeds
    • Identifying problems, sprays, biological control, weed identification & control.
  4. Landscaping
    • How to design a garden, rockeries, native gardens, traditional (European style) home gardens.
  5. Propagation
    • Propagating materials, seed, cuttings.
  6. Lawns
    • Turf varieties, laying a lawn, lawn care.
  7. Indoor Gardening
    • Hardy indoor plants, container growing.
  8. The Kitchen Garden
    • Vegetable gardening, fruit trees, herbs.

Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the school, marked by the school's tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading.


Identify plant health problems and know treatments.

  • Know the plant naming system and how plants are classified.
  • Understand the effect of soil structure and texture on plant growth.
  • Understand plant terminology and planting methods.
  • Understand plant pruning requirements and methods
  • Know plant nutrition requirements
  • Understand soil conditions and when they require improvement.
  • Recognise a range of pests and diseases and the methods of control.
  • Recognise a range of weeds and know various control methods.
  • Know a range of garden styles and the history behind them.
  • Have knowledge of landscape construction techniques.
  • Understand the elements and processes of landscape design.
  • Understand various propagating techniques
  • Propagate plants by various methods
  • Understand the soil preparation and requirements to establish or renovate a lawn
  • Know lawn maintenance requirements.
  • Understand requirements, including environmental and nutritional aspects of growing plants indoors (including hydroponics and greenhouses).
  • Know how to select plants suited to growth indoors
  • Develop knowledge of vegetable growing procedures and requirements.
  • Have knowledge of a range of fruits and berries suited to the home garden
  • Have knowledge of a range of commonly grown herbs and flowers

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