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Good Propagators are one of the most valued staff members in any production nursery. Their speed and strike rate will determine the profitability of the entire nursery. Because of their pivotal role; good propagators tend to always be in demand in the nursery industry, and their job security is high.

To be a good propagator, you need to know how to identify a wide range of plants; and be able to understand and make judgements about what parts of the plant to use and what techniques to apply in order to propagate them effectively. These things are taught strongly in this course.

An effective propagator also needs to be naturally fast and agile in the way they use their hands. These "motor skills" come easily to some people; and far less easily to others. If your fine motor skills are not fast and good, you may reconsider whether a career as a propagator is right for you. If you are great with your hands though and lover working with plants, this could be a dream occupation.

This highly relevant course is based on four core modules which focus on propagation, seed propagation, cutting propagation and horticulture, student may then choose 2 electives to build upon this knowledge further.

Core Modules    
These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Qualification - Certificate in Propagation.

  •      Propagation I BHT108
  •      Cutting Propagation BHT211
  •      Practical Horticulture 1 BHT238
  •      Seed Propagation BHT237

Elective Modules    
In addition to the core modules, students study any 2 of the following 11 modules.

  •      Australian Natives I BHT113
  •      Botany I - Plant Physiology And Taxonomy BSC104
  •      Plant Health (Horticulture III) BHT116
  •      Plant Identification and Knowledge (Horticulture II) BHT102
  •      Soil Management - Horticulture BHT105
  •      Botany II - Applied Plant Physiology BSC204
  •      Protected Plant Production BHT223
  •      Tropical Plants BHT234
  •      Wholesale Nursery Management BHT212
  •      Perennials BHT316
  •      Tissue Culture BHT306

Note that each module in the Qualification - Certificate in Propagation is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

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