Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Arboriculture)

Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Arboriculture)

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Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Arboriculture) VBS001

The Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Arboriculture) has been developed in response to industry demand and are specifically designed to equip graduates with work-ready skills. Each participant will be trained and assessed in theory and in practical tasks. Real-world exercises are used throughout the program. 

Learn business management and aboriculture in one certificate.

  • Learn arboriculture and business management
  • Turn your passion into a sucessful business
  • Gain essential marketing skills
  • Increase your horticultural knowledge
  • Save money, stress and time - study from home

Topics covered: Four core business units units covering office practices, business operationsmanagement and marketing. Students then take three three specialist units of study relating to the selection and culture of plants, with an emphasis on trees. This study is then coupled with a 200hr workplace project to ensure practical skills and knowledge are of a standard required by industry practice.

This course is ideal for those already in the horticultural industry who want to specialise in aboriculture and gain an industry relevant qualification. It is also ideal for those starting out and wanting to gain practical experience and knowledge.

Arborists find work opportunities both in self employment, and working for others:

  • In parks departments,
  • golf courses,
  • home gardens,
  • street tree management,
  • advance tree nurseries and landscape developments,
  • tourist parks,
  • historic properties, environmental conservation, etc

This course is comprised of:

Core studies - Four units (400 hours) of compulsory subjects for all students.

Elective studies – Three stream units for the development of knowledge in arboriculture

Project – a workplace project of 200 hrs relevant to your field of study. The project specifically aims to provide the student with the opportunity to apply and integrate skills and knowledge developed through various areas of formal study. Contact the school for more information.

Core Modules:    These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Arboriculture).

  •      Business Operations VBS106
  •      Management VBS105
  •      Marketing Foundations VBS109
  •      Office Practices VBS102

Stream Modules:    Studied after the core modules, stream modules cover more specific or niche subjects.

  •      Arboriculture I BHT106
  •      Arboriculture II BHT208
  •      Trees For Rehabilitation BHT205

Note that each module in the Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Arboriculture) is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

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