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Anatomy II (Human)

Anatomy is and was the starting point of scientific investigation of the human body. Without an understanding of structure we cannot fully understand function, for it is the structure and interrelation of body parts that permits their function.

Certificate in Applied Biochemistry

Certificate In Applied Biochemistry VSC901

Certificate in Applied Science

Certificate In Applied Science VSC001

Proficiency Award 3 in Applied Science

Proficiency Award 3 in Applied Science VSC002

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial neural networks are the building blocks of AI. The course investigates and compares human neural network with artificial neural networks. The human brain is trained to solve problems by attempting them. Similarly, AI makes use of deep learning and machine learning, while trying to resolve an issue logically in its own programming language.

Biochemistry I (Animal)

Biochemistry 1 (Animal) BSC103 focuses on the biochemistry of humans and animals. Learn with highly qualified and experienced tutors at Learning Cloud the basis of life while studying in your own home.

Biochemistry I (Plants)

Biochemistry I (Plants) BSC102

Biochemistry II (Plant and Animal)

Strenghten your knowledge on Biochemistry and further your career in Health and Life Sciences. Learn about the important building blocks of life including: Amino acids, proteins, sugars, polysaccharides, lipids, enzymes, vitamins, homones, RNA and DNA. Th

Biochemistry III (Animal Processes)

Study biochemistry with Learning Cloud, learn about animal biochemical processes including glycolysis, lipid, amino acid and nucleotide metabolism, oxidative phosphorylation, enzyme activity and electron transport.

Biochemistry III (Plant Processes)

Deepen your knowledge on Biochemistry with emphasis on plants. This is an advanced course on biochemistry that will give you a deep understanding on how life processes work, where living organism obtain their energy and nutrients and how these are process

Bioenergetics (Human Biology IB)

Bioenergetics (Human Biology IB)

Botany I Plant Physiology And Taxonomy

Botanical Science Course

Botany II Applied Plant Physiology

Botany II Applied Plant Physiology

Cardiorespiratory Performance (Human Biology III)

Cardiorespiratory Performance (Human Biology III)

Cell Biology

An essential foundation course for all people interested in human health, animal care and animal studies. The cell is the basic unit of life. Its knowledge is most essential to understand how life works for higher animals and plants. Study by distance e

Certificate in Biotechnology

A foundation course for people interested in learning more about biotechnology, possibly with a view to working in this industry at an entry level; or as a precursor to further study such as a university degree. Study by distance education with Learning Cloud

Engineering I - Machinery & Equipment

Engineering I - Machinery & Equipment BSC105

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies VEN100


Genetics BSC207


Learn about geology - rocks, minerals, structural geology, geobiology, geophysics, geochemistry, groundwater hydrology, and applications.

Human Anatomy & Physiology (Human Biology 1A)

Human Anatomy & Physiology (Human Biology 1A) BSC101

Certificate in Human Biology

Certificate in Human Biology VSC006

Introduction to Forensics

Learn about the scope and nature of forensic science - how modern science can be applied to law, aid with solving crimes. An introductory course with relevance to professions from crime writing to legal services.

Medical Terminology

Would you like to work in medical support or administration? Our medical terminology courses will help you with your first step toward working in medical administration

Muscles & Movement (Human Biology II)

Muscles & Movement (Human Biology II)



Physiology II (Human)

Physiology II (Human)

Plant Ecology

Plant Ecosystems, Plants in the environment, botany, distance learning,Study online

Research Project I

Research Project I

Research Project II

Research Project II


Develop a foundation for understanding robotics, and potential applications for robots.
Learn about types of robots, their components, how they work, maintenance and applications.



Vertebrate Zoology

Vertebrate Zoology


The entire world is science. Don't believe it just take a look around you. The computer you are setting at. The paint or panelling on your walls is all science in action. If you are setting outside the grass or concrete under your feet is science personified. Even your own body and the millions of activities going on inside of it are Science. From the microscopic world that is unseen around us to the macro world of how our universe works are all fields of study in the wonderful category we call science.

Regardless of where your interest lie there is a field of scientific study that will allow you to better understand, explain, and appreciate the beauty of how our world works.

Here at Learning Cloud, we have brought together some of the most enthusiastic and progressive minds in their fields, all with the same goal, advancing your scientific education. Without boring you or making the learning process painful. All of our instructors go beyond just being teachers, they are each and every one true artist in their fields who share their knowledge not simple as a job but as a labour of love.

Here is just one of the diverse fields of interest that you can find enrichment from, by studying with us:

Applied Science - This is the course of online study for you if you know you love Science but haven't quite figured out exactly which field of study you would like to specialise in or if you already work in a science related field and would like the opportunity for advancement through furthering your education. It will give you a good base from which you can evaluate your options. You will gain an excellent basic understanding of most scientific fields and principles while being given the opportunity to specialise your studies, through electives, in areas as diverse as Biochemistry and Marine Life Management.

Other examples of Science courses you might be interested in:

  • Biochemistry
  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Environmental Studies
  • Physics
  • Engineering
  • Alternative Energy
  • Wildlife Management

This list is by no means exhaustive but as you can see the possibilities are virtually endless. Best of all when you choose to further your education with Learning Cloud you are assured being instructed by some of the most dynamic instructors available anywhere. We have gone to great pains to make sure that all of our courses have been designed to not only educate but excite.

There are many distance education programs out there but none that has invested as much time and efforts in making sure that you not only receive the very best possible education but that you have fun doing it. Learning doesn't have to be a boring grind. Contact Learning Cloud today to apply science courses online and see just how exciting learning can be. Let our awesome trainers and dynamically designed courses bring the joy back to learning process.

Check out our list of Science Training Courses and if need advice or aren't sure of where to start we have skilled councillors available that can help you design the perfect course of study to reach your goals.


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