Amenity Horticulture II

Amenity Horticulture II

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Study Horticultural management -Amenity Horticulture Course

Following on from Amenity Horticulture I, Amenity Horticulture II look at things like who manages amenity horticulture sites? These days many different professions are involved in the management of natural and designed landscapes, including architects, town planners, engineers, landscape architects, environmental scientists, sport and recreation specialists, botanists, biologists, horticulturists and agronomists. Depending on the size and nature of the site, and the inputs required to manage that site, people from these (and possibly other) professions might be employed as specialist consultants, as site managers or as team leaders.

  • The management of a horticultural site typically includes the following tasks:
  • Defining a mission, vision, goals and activities planning
  • Ensuring that the above are reached or planned within a specified timeframe
  • Managing budgets
  • Managing human resources
  • Managing material resources
  • Managing natural resources
  • What that means is that the manager must define where the organisation is going or, if that is already defined, how to get there with the resources available, in the time available. This usually means looking for more resources and solving problems related to the running of the amenity site together with the team that he or she is leading.

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