Certificate in Nursery Management

Certificate in Nursery Management

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Certificate In Nursery Management VBS019 | Nursery Management Certificate Course -Study Nursery Management by open learning at home


Core Modules    These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Qualification - Certificate in Nursery Management.
     Garden Centre Management BHT255
     Horticultural Management BHT203
     Wholesale Nursery Management BHT212
     Horticultural Marketing BHT304
Elective Modules    In addition to the core modules, students study any 2 of the following 14 modules.
     Australian Natives I BHT113
     Plant Identification and Knowledge (Horticulture II) BHT102
     Plant Selection And Establishment BHT107
     Propagation I BHT108
     Advertising & Promoting BBS202
     Deciduous Trees BHT244
     Entrepreneurship BBS204
     Event Management BRE209
     Roses BHT231
     Tropical Plants BHT234
     Annuals -for Landscape Display Bedding or Cut Flowers BHT319
     Business Planning BBS302
     Interior Plants (Indoor Plants) BHT315
     Perennials BHT316
Note that each module in the Qualification - Certificate in Nursery Management is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

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