Weed Control

Weed Control

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Weed Control BHT209.Learn to identify and effectively control weeds. You learn about both chemical and non-chemical control methods (e.g. mulching, burning, slashing), the use of spray equipment, and safety procedures which should be followed. Study this

Learn to identify more than 100 weeds, to design management strategies and apply weed control techniques and programs in a safe and efficient way.


The course is divided into 7 lessons as follows:

  • Weed Identification: review of the system of plant identification, general characteristics of the weeds, further information, contacts, etc.
  • Weed Control Methods: practical research on management of weeds, understanding terminology and the use of mulches
  • Chemical Weed Control: review of commercial and domestic herbicides, determining what differentiates them, their availability and use.
  • Weed Control In Specific Situations: understanding weed control strategies for particular situations, accessing first hand information about weed control from industry leaders and determining a weed control program for five different sites.
  • Safe Chemical Application: reviewing what types of chemicals and application methods are used in the industry and the required safety procedures for the handling and administrating chemical herbicides.
  • Non-Chemical Weed Control: determining any detrimental effects chemical herbicides have on the environment, reviewing non-chemical applications and their effectiveness.
  • Developing A Major Weed Control Program: a practical lesson where the student can fully demonstrate their understanding of weed control by devising a weed management plan for a designated area.

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