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Home Propagation AHT106

There are many different ways of producing plants though most plants are produced commercially by either seed or cutting propagation. ‘Tissue culture’ or ‘micropropagation’ techniques carried out in a laboratory are sometimes used where very large numbers of one plant variety are required quickly, or where limited propagation stock is available. Other plants (eg. roses, deciduous fruit and ornamental trees) are traditionally produced by budding and grafting onto seed or cutting grown rootstocks. Division and separation are commonly used for the propagation of bulbs and herbaceous perennials.

 Other propagation techniques (eg. layering or marcotting) may be important in the propagation of some specific types of plants; however they are relatively insignificant when taking a broad view of the nursery industry. You will learn more about these different methods in this useful course.

The ten lessons cover:
1.   Methods of propagation: and overview
2.   Propagating Structures and Equipment
3.   Propagating Materials
4.   Seed Propagation
5.   Propagation by Cuttings
6.   Miscellaneous Propagating Techniques
7.   Budding and Grafting
8.   Propagation of Specific Plants
9.   Nursery Equipment
10. Propagating Area: Layout and Organisation

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