Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial neural networks are the building blocks of AI. The course investigates and compares human neural network with artificial neural networks. The human brain is trained to solve problems by attempting them. Similarly, AI makes use of deep learning and machine learning, while trying to resolve an issue logically in its own programming language.

Learn how AI is used by businesses in marketing and customer relations. For example, AI can observe a customer’s online shopping patterns and make recommendations. The company can target market their products. Customers receive specific information, and can choose the best option.

AI can be seen in industries such as horticulture and agriculture (e.g. for precision pest control), transport and logistics industry (e.g. implementing self-driven vehicles), healthcare sector (e.g. customising patient's treatment delivery). Education, leisure, environment are some other industry sectors that make use of AI.

AI is everywhere!

Course Outline

There Are 8 Lessons In This Course:

Introduction To Artificial Intelligence
● A Brief History Of AI
● Theory Of Mind
● Types Of Artificial Intelligence
● Three Branches Of AI
● Strong AI
● Applied AI
● Cognitive Simulation
● Reasons AI Matters
● Introduction To Natural Language Processing

Ethical, Economic, And Other Concerns
● Ethics And Artificial Intelligence
● Ai Ethics Principles And Guidelines
● Ethical Perspectives
● Human Rights
● Privacy Breach

Neural Networks
● Structure Of The Human Nervous System
● Cells Of The Nervous Tissue
● Main Anatomical Features Of Neurons
● Neural Circuits
● Intelligence And Adaptability
● Artificial Neurons
● Input
● Weight
● Bias
● Summation Function
● Activation Function
● Artificial Neural Networks
● Applying Artificial Neural Networks
● Digital Worm Brains
● Control System
● Cybernetics
● Artificial Brain Cells
● Enhanced Mobility

Deep Learning
● Size
● Width
● Depth
● Capacity
● Architecture
● Universal Approximators
● Width Case
● Depth Case
● Abstraction And Function
● Training A Deep Neural Network
● Recaptcha
● Pitfalls Of Deep Neural Networks

Machine Learning
● Algorithms
● Structured Data
● Practical Applications
● Unstructured Data
● Semi-structured Data
● Applying Algorithms
● Three Types Of Machine Learning
● Supervised Machine Learning
● Unsupervised Machine Learning
● Reinforcement Machine Learning

Business Applications
● AI Applications
● Marketing
● Customer Relationship Management
● Social Media
● Machine Learning And Social Media Ads
● Customer Service

Application In Environmental & Primary Industries
● Agriculture And Horticulture
● Pest Control
● Precision Agriculture
● Harvesting Robots
● Robot Tractors
● Environmental Industries And Climate Change
● Poaching
● Air Quality
● Problem Based Learning (Pbl) Project

Industrial And Other Applications
● Introduction
● Transport
● Travel And Transportation
● Self-driving Cars Or Automated Driving Systems (Ads)
● Transport, Freight, And Logistics
● Factories
● Health Sector
● Individual Health And Personalised Health Care
● General Healthcare
● Modelling
● Education Sector
● Training And Education
● Tutoring And Coaching
● Plagiarism Detection And Authorship
● Leisure Industry
● Entertainment
● Environment Monitoring And Management
● Predicting Fire And Analysis (Emergency Management)

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