Proficiency Award 2 in Information Technology

Proficiency Award 2 in Information Technology

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Proficiency Award 2 In Information Technology

A solid foundation for a career in I.T., this course focuses on developing awareness of industry, knowledge of valuable skills and a capacity to adapt to change in order to remain abreast of what is a rapidly changing discipline. This course does not require any previous IT experience as it takes you right from the basics to a higher level.

The course encompasses a wide range of practical subjects including programming languages such as VB.net, ASP, SQL, Javascript, HTML as well as providing a wide range of elective modules including ecommerce, marketing subjects, editing and more.

Accreditation: I.A.R.C (International Accreditation & Recognition Counsel)

To obtain this qualification you need to complete all assignments and pass exams in 14 modules. In addition you need to provide proof of attendance at 100 hours of industry meetings such as professional association committee meetings, seminars, conferences or trade shows.

Core Modules    These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Proficiency Award 2 In Information Technology.

  •      Industry Project BIP000
  •      Computer Operations (Computer Studies II) VIT101
  •      Flash CS BIT102
  •      Html (Writing a Website) VIT102
  •      Visual Basic.Net BIT101
  •      ASP.NET BIT200
  •      Computer Servicing I VIT203
  •      Computer Servicing II VIT204
  •      Photoshop CS - Beginner To Medium Level VIT202
  •      SQL For The Web BIT201

Elective Modules    In addition to the core modules, students study any 5 of the following 15 modules.

  •      E Commerce BIT100
  •      Editing I (Editing and Proofreading) BWR106
  •      Marketing Foundations VBS109
  •      Networking Foundations BIT103
  •      Publishing I BWR107
  •      Advertising and Promotions BBS202
  •      Computer Servicing III VIT205
  •      Digital Photography BPH202
  •      Graphic Design BIT205
  •      Information Security BIT203
  •      Internet Marketing BIT204
  •      Javascript BIT202
  •      Publishing II BWR202
  •      Editing II BWR302
  •      Editing Practice BWR305

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