Practical Journalism II

Practical Journalism II

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Practical Journalism II

This module gives you hands-on experience in writing for a publication as a feature writer. You are assigned a mentor (member of our academic staff) who will oversee your role as a feature writer for an online publication, for one edition of that publication.

Course Aim:

Write feature articles for a publication

How the Module Works

1st You become familiar with a current edition of the publication

2nd You learn to use an online management system for a publication

3rd You plan content for a publication

4th You write content for an online edition of the publication

5th You submit the product to your mentor for comment

6th You make adjustments as needed

7th Your work is authorized to go live on the internet.

Value of this Module

It is not easy to get your work into print, yet many publishers will only consider a journalist or freelance writer who has already been published. This module gives you a unique opportunity to demonstrate your ability to write well, and to tailor your writing to the particular needs and requirements of a prospective employer.

You will also learn first-hand what it takes to get a publication from original inception to print. There is more involved than many writers realize, and a successful publication requires the cooperation and expertise of a team of individuals who work together to achieve a common goal. On graduation from this module, you will not only be a published writer, but you will have gained valuable experience as part of a publishing team. This is a marvelous opportunity for kick-starting a career in journalism, freelance writing, or in the publishing industry.

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