Workshop II

Workshop II

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Workshop II

Using problem-based learning (PBL) strategies you will complete three projects that address the following topics, relevant to your workplaces in your industry:

  • Identify and analysing scientific or technical problems
  • Use and maintain scientific or technical equipment
  • Collect and store samples, data or other evidence
  • Undertake and evaluate scientific or technical procedures
  • Describe operations and equipment for scientific laboratories or technical facilities


There are three PBL projects in this module

1. Identifying Technical Problems and Collecting Samples or Data: Investigating technical problems in the workplace; collecting and treating samples, data or other evidence.

2. Analytical Procedures: Using specialised technical equipment to analyse samples, data or other evidence; undertaking routine and advanced scientific or technical analyses.

3. Workplace Operations: Describing the operations and equipment of a laboratory or other technical environment.


  • Identify technical or scientific problems that occur in the workplace and demonstrate appropriate techniques for collecting and treating samples or data.
  • Demonstrate techniques used to analyse and solve technical problems.
  • Describe the operations of a scientific laboratory or other technical environment

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