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Life Coaching

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Life Coaching BPS305

If you feel you have some life experiences worth sharing and you could be an inspiration to others, then life coaching may be just what you have been looking for. In this field, enthusiasm and a desire to genuinely see people thrive are important qualities but you also need to gain some insight into how to refine your skills to offer the best service you can to your clients.

What This Course Can Do For You:

  • Give you the skills to set up and work as a life coach

  • Qualifiy you to join the Association of Coaching

  • Help you develop contacts and build networks within industry

  • Raise your awareness of opportunities within the Coaching Industry

  • Lay a sound foundation of knowledge and skills which can grow with experience and further study

There are 10 lessons in this course:

  1.  Introduction

  •         nature of life coaching
  •         cognitive behaviour therapy
  •         different approaches
  •         the scope of life coaching

   2. Individual perception

  •         psychology of self-perception
  •         perceptual barriers
  •         motivating clients to challenge their perceptions

    3. A well balanced life

  •         the inter-relationship between psychology and physiology
  •         stress
  •         the psychology of balance

    4. Coaching processes

  •         key coaching processes
  •         assessment of the client's situation
  •         dealing with emotions
  •         setting goals
  •         replacing negative habits with positive ones
  •         leadership qualities in a life coach
  •         imagination and enthusiasm
  •         clarifying goals
  •         recognition of limitations

   5. Coaching skills

  •         understanding the communication process
  •         body language
  •         communication barriers
  •         listening skills
  •         assessing learning styles

   6. Coaching and physical well-being

  •         human nutrition
  •         important factors in nutrition
  •         physical well-being

   7.  Coaching and psychological well-being

  •         the psychology of self-esteem
  •         stress management program
  •         identifying stressors

    8. Coaching success

  •         high achievement
  •         coaching success
  •         career guidance
  •         managing your money
  •         beginning a business

    9. Goal setting

  •         values
  •         aims and goals
  •         types of goals
  •         planning
  •         future goals
  •         steps for sucessful goal achievement
  •         effort and attribution.

    10. Review and adjustment

  •         indications that a program needs to be reassessed
  •         client's lack of confidence
  •         personality clash
  •         over-achievers
  •         health and safety issues

Each lesson culminates in an assignment which is submitted to the school, marked by the school's tutors and returned to you with any relevant suggestions, comments, and if necessary, extra reading.

  •     Define life coaching and differentiate it from other professions such as psychotherapist, counsellor, personal trainer and so on.
  •     Understand that people perceive the world in different ways and identify ways to help clients change counter-productive perceptions without excessive discomfort.
  •     Define a well-rounded individual and well-rounded life.
  •     Define different coaching skills including listening, analysing, planning and focusing.
  •     Identify ways in which life coaching can contribute to physical well-being.
  •     Identify ways in which life coaching can contribute to psychological well-being.
  •     Identify the areas in which successful life coaching can benefit a client.
  •     Understand the importance enabling clients to develop aims, plans and goals.
  •     Recognise the importance of reviewing and adjusting the life-coaching processes.
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