Specialist Award in Psychology

Specialist Award in Psychology

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Specialist Award In Psychology

Despite their interest in the subject, students of psychology often find it difficult to answer this basic question in a clear, concise and specific manner. Some might say that psychology is a study of "human behaviour"; some might say it is a study of the "mind or brain"; others might say that it is a study of personality and “what motivates people to do what they do".

All are partly correct, but each of these answers is emphasising a different aspect of psychology.

Firstly, psychology is a science.

Every science has an "object of analysis"; for example, a nuclear scientist studies the structure and dynamics of nuclear energy; or a chemical scientist studies the structure, behaviour and interaction of chemicals.

In the discipline of psychology, scientists often disagree upon what the object of their study is.

A broad definition of psychology however would be "the study of human behaviour".

Course Content

This is awarded on completion of:

  1. Introduction to Psychology plus any two of our other psychology courses (must include passes in the examination for each course).
  2. A workplace project or work experience (approved by a tutor and equal to 200 hours duration)

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