Specialist Award in Tourism & Hospitality

Specialist Award in Tourism & Hospitality

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Specialist Award In Tourism & Hospitality

The proficiency award is made up of three modules and a work place project

The three modules are:

Hotel management

This course has 9 lessons:

1. Introduction: Scope and Nature of Hotel Management

2. Organisation of the Hotel Workplace

3. Staff Management in Hotels

4. Control Systems

5. Front Desk Management (Reception)

6. Servicing Rooms & General Cleaning

7. Building & Facility Maintenance

8. Activities Management: tour desk, gymnasium, events (weddings, balls etc)

9. Food Service

Food and Beverage Management

This subject has 9 lessons:

1. Human Nutrition

2. Cooking

3. Kitchen & Food Management

4. Planning A Menu

5. Alcoholic Beverages

6. Tea, Coffee and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

7. Scope & Nature Of Catering Services

8. Personnel Management (waiting skills, staffing a restaurant, kitchen etc)

9. Management Of Catering Services

Ecotour Management

The course is divided into nine lessons as follows:

1. Nature and Scope of Ecotourism - Definition of ecotourism; negative ecotourism; principles of ecotourism.

2. Management Issues - Recreation and the environment; recreational impacts on the environment; ethical and legal concerns; code of practice for ecotourism operators; incorporating ecotourism principles into activities; interpretation; visitor guidelines; planning for minimal impact; quality control.

3. Industry Destinations - The ecotourism market; what do ecotourists want?; trends in international tourism; understanding the needs of the consumer; consumer expectations.

4. The Tour Desk/Office - Office procedures; providing information; employment prospects in ecotourism; bookings, business letters; telephone manner.

5. Accommodation Facilities - Types of accommodation facilities; layout of facilities.

6. Catering Facilities - Introduction to catering; accepted practice for service facilities; storing and preserving food.

7. Legal Considerations - National Parks; land use/planning restrictions; code of practice.

8. Safety- The safety strategy; hazards; first aid.

9. Planning an Ecotourism Activity - A special project where the student plans out an ecotourism activity including budget, accommodation, licenses, meals and the destination.

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