Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Photography)

Advanced Certificate in Applied Management (Photography)

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Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Photography) VBS001

Be a business owner, manager or team leader in the photo industry.

  • Learn about management, marketing and business
  • Learn about photography and the photographic industry
  • Combine these skills and discover opportunities for employment and business in the photo industry
  • 900 hour, self paced practical course with options to upgrade

This course is designed to train people for supervisory or managerial positions in the photographic industry.

There are seven modules plus a workplace project in this course.

There are the four core units common to all streams of this Advanced Certificate and three photography units involving another 300 hours of study.

A workplace project on the photography industry involves the final 200 hrs of study. 

Core Modules:    These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Photography).

  •      Business Operations VBS106
  •      Management VBS105
  •      Marketing Foundations VBS109
  •      Office Practices VBS102

Stream Modules:    Studied after the core modules, stream modules cover more specific or niche subjects.

  •      Introduction To Photography BPH100
  •      Photographic Practice BPH101
  •      Photographic Technology BPH201

Elective Modules:    In addition to the core modules, students study any 2 of the following 4 modules.

  •      Industry Project BIP000
  •      Industry Project II BIP001
  •      Workshop I BGN103
  •      Photographic Portfolio BPH301

Note that each module in the Advanced Certificate In Applied Management (Photography) is a short course in its own right, and may be studied separately.

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