Travel Photography

Travel Photography

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Travel Photography

Take better travel photographs. Indulge a passion, start a business or launch a career.

There are eight lessons including a special project in this course:

  1. Introduction - To be able to take good travel photographs, the first essential is to know and understand the equipment and materials used in photography. Part of this first lesson is aimed to ensure that you have this basic knowledge.
  2. The Main Principles - This lesson aims to provide you with a firm understanding of how you can work at improving your capabilities with respect to taking travel photographs. It provides a framework, upon which you will base your work in future lessons.
  3. Creating Different Effects - Learn how to achieve different effects with snapshots and scenic shots.
  4. Photographing Natural Areas - Learn how to photograph wilderness shots and seascapes.
  5. Photographing Streetscapes - Learn the two main types of street photography: posed & candid
  6. Photographing Interiors - Look at the difficulties involved in photographing interior subjects and how to overcome them.
  7. Developing Your Photographic Style - By using photographic equipment skillfully and learning how to sense the way different types of film will respond to different colours and different situations (eg: haze, back light, side light, reflected light etc).
  8. Major Project

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