Starting A Small Business

Starting A Small Business

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Most businesses fail, but often are poorly planned resourced and managed. Learn from people with practical experience, sound training and real success.

Start a Business at Home

  • Not just a course!
  • Unlike other small business courses!

Start by learning the fundamentals; then develop your business ideas with guidence from a business expert to refine and improve how you move forward.

Many businesses do fail; but you can easily reduce your risks - under the guidance of a professional business expert, plan and initiate the development of your own business.

This course is unique in that it not only teaches you about business; but it gives you an opportunity to formulate a business plan, and improve it through a well structured mentoring process, where you can interact with and get feedback from an experienced and well qualified member of our staff.

There are 12 lessons in this course:

  1. Introduction to Small Business
    • Types of business and communication, types of language, office equipment.
  2. The Business World
    • Consultancy services, law and business, the landscape industry, business letters, communication systems.
  3. Your alternatives - different types of ventures
    • Buying and starting a business.
  4. Marketing
    • What is involved in marketing, advertising, selling, communication.
  5. Planning
    • Organising and planning to ensure the success of the business.
  6. Basic Bookkeeping
    • Financial statements, balance sheet, profit and loss statement,insurance.
  7. Sales Methods
    • Selling, sales method, telephone canvassing.
  8. Budgeting
    • Assets and liabilities.
  9. Developing a 12 month business plan
    • Protection, planning and production.
  10. Implementing a business plan
    • Communication with employees, planning the development of the business.
  11. Reviewing progress in a new business
    • Research, evaluate and decide on business plan updates.
  12. Improving profitability
    • Increase profit and reduce expenditure.

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