Self Development Bundle

Self Development Bundle

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Learning Cloud have created a bundle of courses with the goal of helping students build their confidence in their abilities for their personal and professional life.

The bundle will consist of 5 separate courses:
● Building Your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills
● Self Leadership
● Getting Stuff Done - Personal Development Boot Camp
● Women Leadership - Owning Your Strengths and Skills
● Goal Setting

Course Outline

Building Your Self Esteem and Self Confidence
A healthy sense of self-esteem is essential for growth and achieving success, and this course will encourage students to believe in themselves. During the course, students will discover techniques that can dramatically change how they feel about themselves, and how to approach the world in a way that will facilitate achieving desired outcomes. Some of the topics covered include:
● Learning how to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts
● Building confidence
● Setting goals that reflect one’s dreams and desires
● Assertiveness
● Setting SMART Goals

Women Leadership - Owning Your Strengths
Women have a long-standing history in the workforce, in all roles from front-line worker to visionary founder, influential behind-the-scenes patron to front-and-center CEO. As women, however, what are the influences, barriers and benefits to leadership? Do women use or acknowledge their strengths and skills? The nine sessions in this one-day course contain activities that build upon the lessons. Some of the topics covered include:
● Barriers versus benefits
● Understanding self-awareness
● Personal inventory, creating and selling your brand, and leadership skills
● Social and Emotional Intelligence

Getting Stuff Done - Personal Development Boot Camp

This course is designed for trainers to help people to become more organised, efficient, and effective at time and task management. Learn how to create a personal vision statement and understand the building blocks of a strong organisational system, overcome procrastination and develop effective habits. Some of the topics covered include:

● Understanding Personal Efficiency
● Developing the Right Attitude
● Laying the Foundation
● Creating the Right Environment
● Setting Up Your Virtual Environment
● Setting Up Your Information Management Center

Self Leadership
Self Leadership is the combined effect of taking responsibility for our actions, setting a meaningful direction for our lives, and having the judgment to manage priorities efficiently.
Participants in this one-day course will learn about the four pillars of self-leadership, allowing them to make meaningful, empowered choices while taking action. Training sessions include using techniques for adjusting to change, how to reach goals, cultivating optimism, and developing good habits.
● What is Self-Leadership?
● Knowing Who You Are
● Identifying Dreams and Setting Goals
● Change Management
● Motivation for Optimists
● Using What You Know

Goal Setting
Goal Setting is a popular and effective course for any persons toolkit, as establishing and achieving goals is a hallmark of success in life. At the end of this training workshop, participants will be able to identify what’s truly important to them personally and professionally; use goal setting activities and appropriate language to articulate what they want out of life; use motivational
techniques to help them reach their goals; understand how to deal with setbacks, and more.
● Understanding your goals
● Identify barriers to your success
● Overcoming setbacks
● Continuing your personal development

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