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Matriarchal Marketing

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This isn’t just another marketing course about the obvious. This is an unravelling about you.

You landed here because you are searching for something that feels more convincing than crunching numbers, hearing buzz words like “authentic” “self-care” and “unapologetic.”

You are searching for the oomph externally that you feel internal. You know making money doesn’t have to be this hard. There is so much that you know, you ponder what you don’t know. It may feel to you it’s a bit serendipitous that you are here. I don’t believe in accidents. You’re here because I led you here. Let’s be real. This is all about marketing after all. This isn’t a fluke.

You landed here because I know what you want and need. You know something is missing. And it feels so tangible...but you can’t figure out WHAT is missing. You can’t really determine if it’s what you are missing, or what your business is missing. But you know it’s missing.

What you are missing is a clear direction of what you are working for. THIS is your business plan.
Over time, we lose sight of what we originally started working for and begin to conform to the norms and social standards of the world.

And then YOU get lost in it all. That feeling you felt, whether you felt empowered, overwhelmed with joy, or even felt extremely emotional and cried- it’s ok. And it’s ok because it means your feelings are still there. And if you can feel- you know you’re alive.
What you have just experienced is your business plan. Didn’t think of your business plan
like that did ya?

Meet your Instructor!

Lacey is a pioneer in the birth industry, paving the way for a more inclusive, dynamic, and
unapologetically raw content through visual arts. As a doula, she pushes the boundaries of what women think they are capable of; helping them to break free of any societal norms or standards by understanding that they are their own individual with individual needs.
Over the last 5 years, Lacey has not only created a stir with her controversial images promoting women’s rights, but she’s also cemented herself as one of the most talented and outspoken birth photographers.

Course Outline

  1. Opening up to Yourself
    Module 1 is the foundation for why you even do what you do. Once we identify why, we address your fears, blocks and upper limits and smash every glass ceiling you ever made for yourself.
  2. Energy Foundations
    Module two is an exploration of gender norms/stereotypes and redefining the boxes that we
    have subconsciously put ourselves in. This is the foundation of all of my businesses and here I teach you how to do the same in a way that suits YOU.
  3. Alignment
    Why is alignment important if the goal is the main event? Well, while there is always more than one way to skin a cat, if it isn’t in alignment then it won’t work. It is actually an energy leak. Energy leaks lead to burnouttttt.
  4. Connection and Vulnerability
    Module 4 is the crux of most crumbling businesses. My girl Dasha Clarke, an absolute expert in communication and vulnerability, is joining me in teaching you the fundamentals of creating a business based on connection and relatability.
  5. Social Media
    99.9% of people are using social media all wrong. Not to mention they are selling instead of
    connecting. Remember it is SOCIAL media for a reason. Let’s discuss.
  6. Websites
    Do we need them? No, not really, but do they work? YES if you’ve done it right. Think of your website as your hardest-working employee.... Let’s also chat about why yours sucks. My girl Em Winch is coming in on this module to shake us up a bit.
  7. Facebook Ads
    Yes, they work, yours just don’t work. Let’s find out why. It isn’t for the reasons you think. Here we go through the Business Management Facebook app, Facebook Pages, Pixels and how to be a creeper on the internet (You know how you can talk about vacuums and then all of a sudden they are all over your newsfeeds? I’ma show you how to do that)
  8. Money
    What do you believe about money? What does money believe about you? How do you create it? Where does it come from? Is money meant for you? SO MANY DANG QUESTIONS ABOUT MONEY and my very own Life Coach, Hayley Carr is dropping into this module to fuck your brains in the best possible way (don’t worry, you’ll love it.)
  9. Manifesting – The real shit
    Module 9 we really tear apart manifesting and begin to unravel the depths and its power. I’m not talking about manifesting front row parking... I’m talking about manifesting MONEY, HOUSES, TIME, and whatever else you can think of. Your mind is the only limit.
  10. Open and Release
    Releasing our idea out into the world can be intimidating, but I’m going to show you how to do this confidently because there is no other expert out there in the world better than YOU. Katherine Eden guides women walking the Threshold of their old selves and their new selves. This is your ReBirth.
  11. Bonus: Matriarchal Blueprint
    I’m showing you the way I have been marketing to the world for years. When you see it, you’ll either think I’m genius or crazy. Either are acceptable answers.
    Matriarchal marketing is about teaching you to market according to your womb.

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