Foundation Certificate in Soccer Nutrition

Foundation Certificate in Soccer Nutrition

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Within this Soccer Nutrition course, you will be exposed to the fundamentals of nutrition for soccer players so that you can:

  • Understand the key energy sources required to perform repeated high intensity and explosive movements within the intermittent nature of soccer.
  • Understand the fuelling that is required to perform and recover from both training, competitive games across a range of levels with the game.
  • Understand how to reduce the risk for non-contact muscle injuries, through a better understanding of key time of nutrients.

Course Outline

Lecture 1: Energy Balance & Body Composition: Basics of Soccer Physiology Delivered by Sam McHaffie

In this lecture you’ll explore energy demands of soccer players understanding the equation of energy expenditure to energy consumption. Body composition testing and manipulation in conjunction with energy balance, food, and the basics of soccer physiology.

Lecture 2: Understanding Macro & Micronutrients Delivered by Dr Eirini Manthou

Macro and micronutrients are explored in detail, their sources, structure, function, and availability. Additionally, micronutrients, vitamins and minerals and their role in in the dietary plan are presented. The development of dietary plans and how to positively affect your players through nutritional principles is detailed.

Lecture 3: Soccer Health & Wellness (Vitamins & Minerals) Delivered by Matthew Jones

Health and wellness are vital in this lecture we examine the health and food foundations, deep diving further into vitamins and minerals as well as practical recommendations for the use of food types and plant derived nutrients.

Lecture 4: Fluid Balance & Soccer Specific Delivered by Virginia Santesteban

In this lecture we consider the thermoregulation in physical demands of soccer and the influence of hydration status. Hydration is so important to optimal performance we’ll review the consequences of dehydration and hyperhydration. Specific beverages and examples for rehydration are detailed.

Lecture 5: Training, Match and Recovery Fuelling: Soccer Nutrition to Perform Delivered by Dr. Adam Owen

A deeper analysis is provided in this lecture of macronutrient importance, with additional emphasis on the glycaemic index and carbohydrate response. This knowledge is important in fuelling strategies for maximum performance which will be provided in this lecture.

Lecture 6: Maximising nutrition through injury Delivered by Faisal Alshawa

Examine soccer specific injury characteristics and how nutrition for injury can play a important role. Nutrition can have positive and negative effects on inflammation in the recovery process so in this lecture we’ll discuss and examine this in detail. Muscle loss and the building process are covered in this lecture too.

Lecture 7: The role of nutrition for the female soccer player Delivered by Yasemin Batmaca

In this lecture we examine nutrition for female soccer players and the physiological challenges. Specificity in terms of macro and micronutrients, together with dietary supplements for the female player to ensure peak performance is detailed.

Lecture 8: An introduction to nutritional supplementation and ergogenic aids Delivered by Matthew Jones

Food first, supplements second… we’ll explore the definition and application of supplements and their importance. We’ll provide a theoretical framework to help you with your decision making and safe application of supplemental interventions.

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