Certificate in Soccer Injury, Prevention & Return to Play

Certificate in Soccer Injury, Prevention & Return to Play

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Within this Certificate in Soccer Injury, Prevention & Return to Play course you will be exposed to soccer specific research, practical examples and injury, prevention and return to play methods used within varying levels of the game.

njury reduction, prevention & return to play within team & individual sports is a hot topic in recent times, and an area that that is a fundamental component of supporting performance maximisation & coaching. Whether you are a physiotherapist, psychologist, coach, manager, physio, or strength & conditioning coach – this course targets the nutritional, psychological, physical & social aspects of the topic matter.

Lecture 1: Injury analysis in soccer Delivered by Dr. Hilary Obert

Epidemiology & key injury types evident within team sports & notably soccer. Understanding how injuries occur & manifest themselves within the game across all levels is important to maximise training availability & direct specific training interventions to maintain a healthy, fit, & functioning group of players or athletes.

Lecture 2: How to implement injury prevention programs within soccer Delivered by Dr. Victor Salinas Paalcios

Understanding how to implement injury prevention programs in the sporting context. Evidence around injury prevention programs, specific frameworks in the soccer environment & how we control key variables

Lecture 3: Understanding injury prevention and rehabilitation in soccer Delivered by Dr. Juan Carlos Ramos

Explore further injury prevention & rehabilitation processes used within a soccer club. Here is more of a case study with one of the world’s biggest clubs in terms of the processes to follow. Highlight the definition of injury, frequency, and importance of injury prevention from a club standpoint. Discuss the development of training programs for reduction of injury risk & the role rehabilitation plays in this process.

Lecture 4: Injury reduction strategies in professional soccer Delivered by Dr. Patrick Orme

Highlight soccer specific injury prevention methods that have been positively used within a team sport environment and elite level soccer club. The combination of several factors have been discussed here and shown as ways of reducing the injury risk to players. How the role of scheduling & planning within soccer can have arguably the biggest impact on player health & wellbeing.

Lecture 5: Screening processing in soccer & corrective implementation Delivered by Dr. Hilary Obert

How screening & implementation of corrective exercises can maximise & reduce the injury risks amongst athletes, especially soccer players. Individual program development and linking injury prevention corrective programs back to the screening process which will highlight key deficiencies with biomechanical content!

Lecture 6: Nutrition for Injury Phases & Rehabilitation Delivered by Faisal Alshawa

How we fuel & maximise the recovery of our athletes or players. Understand the role nutrition plays in the injury and rehabilitation phases – Here food types and nutrition for injury phases will be discussed, highlighting what we can control, influencing inflammation & muscle loss as well as regeneration through good choices!

Lecture 7: Injury Prevention in Soccer: Key Strategies & Methods Delivered by Aleksa Boskovic

Here you will see how many different elements of physical performance can influence the injury risk to players and athletes, but more so with the detail shown in this lecture understand where they fit together to minimise risk.

Lecture 8: Psychology during soccer injury Delivered by Dr. David More

The psychological effects of injury on the soccer player or athlete and the processes used and involved. Understanding the injured athlete is something that is vitally important for the rehabilitation state based on the psychological consequences that can be generated through injury. Highlighting the multidisciplinary working approach is well explained in this lecture as well as the role of the coach in the injury stages – and how we can show the way from a psychological perspective.

Lecture 9: Soccer specific movement preparation: Improving efficiency Delivered by Aleksa Boskovic

Overview & detail into the rehabilitation & build up phase for return to play. Improving the efficiency of the athlete or soccer player, and really developing the movement qualities of the athlete is of paramount importance. Influencing the mobility, core development & lower body activation specific to the demands of the game is shown in an excellent lecture with some great practical examples.

Lecture 10: Training Load Management: Performance Optimisation Delivered by Dr. Adam Owen

Exposed to specific indicators of injury reduction of risk factors. We’ll discuss them from a player and coach centred perspective, before again finalising where internal and external scientific principles meets the practice, before exposing specific microcycle tapering strategies from a research-based perspective in a team sport context.

Lecture 11: ACL Injury Criteria Based Return to Play in Soccer Delivered by Dr. Felix Fischer

A return to play criteria example used & researched with a specific and common injury type known as the Anterior-cruciate ligament injury (ACL). Here we are giving an example of the return to play process that an athlete maybe taken through when working with a medical & rehabilitation specialist. Here you will be exposed to knee injuries in soccer, return to play criteria used, the science behind the process & a simple test battery used for the return to play.

Lecture 12: Preparing the Injured player for return to play (RTP) Delivered by Matt Newton

Here we detail the return to play process in the modern-day elite level of the game, effectively using data & information to maximise this rehabilitation stage. How the match-play demands are linked directly to the rehabilitation process at the later stage – and then the creation of player & positional specific RTP drills from a practical standpoint.

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