200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

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Do you wish to deepen your yoga practice, learn how to teach safely, and have a broader knowledge in anatomy, philosophy, yoga history and more?
This is an incredible opportunity for all yoga practitioners and certified teachers. This 200-hour Yoga Alliance accredited training has been designed for those who believe, feel, and know that yoga is more than the physical practice of asana. Our intention is to professionally train yoga students to become strong, confident, and knowledgeable teachers.

In addition to all the relevant training about yoga philosophy, theory and teaching skills; we put a strong emphasis on deepening your personal practice. Thus, your training will be oriented toward expanding your own practice, while developing the ability to teach others.

Who is this course suitable for?
• Students wishing to be a certified Yoga Teacher and Instructor
• Students with a minimum of 1 year of dedicated asana practice in Vinyasa, Ashtanga or Hatha Yoga
• Those interested in deepening their personal practice, as well as learning how to share this transformative practice with others
• Those wishing to discover more about yoga history, philosophy and anatomy, and how to integrate this knowledge into their practice and teaching
• This course will certify you as a Yoga Teacher and Instructor. We are a registered yoga school with the Yoga Alliance and this course is recognised by them.

Meet your Instructor!
Gwen (E-RYT500 & YACEP) completed her last 300 hr YTT with Monica Gauci and Gregor Maehle who are KPJAYI certified and published authors. She also trained with Laruga Glaser, Janet Stone, Saul David Haye, Sienna Sherman, Paul Grilley and Jason Crandell. One of her biggest passions and missions in life is to help yoga teachers develop their teaching skills so they can share their knowledge and help others. With over 10 years of personal practice, and five years of Teacher Training, she enjoys the privilege of sharing her wealth of knowledge.

Course Outline

Yin Yoga (30 hours)
Discover the Meridian Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Learn how to practice and teach 25 Yin Yoga postures and several pranayama techniques. Study the variations of each pose for different bodies. Understand the benefits of a Yin Yoga practice and how to integrate it in your daily life.

Restorative Yoga (20 hours)
Discover the benefits of a Restorative Yoga practice on the body and mind. Learn how to practice and teach safely. Experience the effects of a daily pranayama and meditation practice. Learn how to set up and teach a restorative class.

Yoga Philosophy (20 hours)
Look into the history of yoga and the transformation from its ancient roots to the modern postural yoga we are accustomed to. Discern and overcome the obstacles to beginning a daily sadhana (spiritual practice). Study the eight limbs of yoga and learn how to incorporate key elements into your teaching your life. Discover the koshas and how they can be utilised as a catalyst for the learning process. Learn what constitutes a yogic lifestyle and the commitment required to proceed on this path.

Yoga Anatomy (30 hours)
Understand the anatomy of movement by studying the joints within the body. Recognise our inherent differences by observing your own body and identifying your own limits. Learn the fundamentals of Anatomy. Dive deeper into the different systems of the body. Discover how the body works and apply this knowledge to your practice and teaching.

Ashtanga Yoga (25 hours)
Learn about each asana (alignment, anatomy, vinyasa count, Sanskrit, breath, bandhas) and the philosophy and theoretical aspects of this practice. Enjoy audio meditations and further self-practice.

Vinyasa Yoga (25 hours)
Learn the science of sequencing. A sequence of yoga poses should be a journey that unfolds with purpose, intelligence and harmony. Yoga asana is about finding the best alignment for the individual in order to offer the greatest energetic benefits. Learn where Vinyasa comes from, the importance of ‘Wise Progression’ and understand how energetics are involved in every pose. Explore the theory of transformation and its relevance to both sequencing and teaching. Discover the ways in which Prana travels through the body and why this is important with sequencing. Advance your own training, learn how to offer advanced poses, accommodate your teaching to match the needs of individuals, and explore various techniques for enhancing your verbal cues.

Pranayama & Meditation (20 hours)
Establish a daily traditional pranayama and meditation practice and enjoy the tools we share with you to again share with others. Learn chakra meditation, use mantra to enhance pranayama practice, learn how to integrate both in your daily life and teach others the same. Understand the use of bandhas and
ratios in pranayama.

Teaching Methodology for the Yoga Teacher (25 hours)
Learn the underlying principles of yoga, chanting, opening and closing your teaching sessions, and how to bring it all together to ensure your student’s success. Effective cueing, adjusting vs. assisting, class management and setting the space.

Business of Yoga – Introduction (5 hours)
Learn how to start teaching, both in-person and online. What are the next steps for you and the basics of yoga business.

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