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Yin Yoga

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20 hours

This Yin Yoga course will support you in finding the balance between Yin and Yang both on and off the mat. It offers all the benefits of online instruction: convenience, flexibility and economical – without sacrificing the personal touch of in-studio training.

A course that is completely focused on meeting students where they are at, while providing you with all the tools necessary to offer the same in your teaching.
You’ll emerge with an extensive knowledge of Yin Yoga and its philosophy, the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pranayama techniques to support your Yin Yoga practice, accompanying meditation practices and much more!

Who is this course suitable for?
• Yoga teachers who wish to offer Yin Yoga classes
• Anyone who loves Yin Yoga and is interested in learning more about the practice
• Experienced yoga instructors who are looking for new information and enhancing their teaching skill set
• New instructors looking for guidance and support

Is this Yoga Alliance certified?
Yes, registered yoga teachers can submit this course to the Yoga Alliance to fulfill their continuing education requirement. If you are registered with the Yoga Alliance, you must complete 30 hours of yoga related training every 3 years.

Will this course certify me to be a yoga instructor?
200-hour teacher training is required to be a yoga instructor registered through the Yoga Alliance. As this is 30 hours, you will receive 30 hours of credit toward your 200 certification with us. If you are already a yoga teacher, you will receive 30 continuing education credits

Course Content:

1. Welcome to your Yin Yoga Online Training
2. History and Theory of Yin Yoga
3. Anatomy East & West
4. Pranayama & Meditation
5. Yin Poses - Supine
6. Yin Poses - Seated
7. Yin Poses - Prone
8. Sequencing
9. Teaching Yin
10. Final Thoughts & Assignment

Meet your Instructor!

With more than a decade of combined practice and teaching experience, she holds the prominent belief that we are first and foremost a student. She loves that courses, such as the ones offered here, are available to be done remotely, so that more people have access to education.
Her teaching is completely focused on meeting students where they are at, in the present moment. She believes that with this constant assessment, she can help students find the practice that best serves them, as opposed to fitting the student to the practice.
Upon completion of this course, you’ll be able to confidently guide students of all levels and abilities through a full Yin Yoga class. You’ll be able to sequence and plan a variety of classes based on the ancient theories embedded in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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