Script Writing

Script Writing

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Script Writing BWR304

Would you like to write scripts for TV, radio, film, education, podcasts or more? Study script writing by distance learning.

Learn to write scripts for broadcast or live presentations; short or long, fiction or non-fiction, for use anywhere that a script might be needed.

This course can help you to write scripts that could be used for Youtube, radio shows, TV and all the way to screenplays for movies. It could also involve writing scripts for advertising or for instructional/training videos.

There are 11 lessons in this course:

  1. Scope and Nature of Script Writing
  2. Plotting the screen play
  3. Outline and Writing the Script
  4. Characterisation
  5. Use of dialogue and sound effects
  6. Writing for internet, TV and film
  7. Writing for Radio
  8. Writing for Training/instructional videos
  9. Writing for Children
  10. Writing for Advertising
  11. The Business of Script Writing
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