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If you're really wishing to discover your artistic talent with calligraphy, then our Calligraphy Course is for you. Visit now and request for the free course information pack.

Discover your artistic talent with calligraphy!

Calligraphy is a visual art related to writing. It is the design and execution of lettering with a broad tip instrument, dip pen, or brush , among other writing instruments. A contemporary calligraphic practice can be defined as, "the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious, and skillful manner".

Modern calligraphy ranges from functional inscriptions and designs to fine-art pieces where the letters may or may not be legible. Classical calligraphy differs from typography and non-classical hand-lettering, though a calligrapher may practice both.

Calligraphy continues to flourish in the forms of wedding and event invitations, font design and typography, original hand-lettered logo design, religious art, announcements, graphic design and commissioned calligraphic art, cut stone inscriptions, and memorial documents. It is also used for props and moving images for film and television, testimonials, birth and death certificates, maps, and other written works.

Key areas of learning - Calligraphy course

  • Calligraphy for pleasure
  • Complete guide to Foundational Hand I, II, III and IV
  • Enhancing calligraphy with stunning layouts
  • Writing calligraphy in Gothic Hand I, II and III
  • Discover the versatility of Uncial Hand I and II
  • Creating a flourishing finish with borders and decorations
  • Embellishing letters and the art of illumination
  • Eye-catching invitations, posters and greeting cards
  • Further reading, resources and handy calligraphy information

First Things First

While you will be writing beautifully in no time, you first need to master a few of the basics. This module brings you quickly up to speed with the essentials on pens, paper, nibs, ink, letter structure and preparations for writing. We than get you moving on the basic calligraphy strokes. 

Your Complete Guide to Foundational Hand I, II and III

Often also called roundhand, this style is perfect for virtually any project you want to do, especially if it needs to be easily readable for things such as wedding invitations, advertising posters or letters. By the end of these practical sessions you will be confidently writing minuscules, numerals, skeletal capitals, borders and majuscules - everything you need to know to get as creative as you want! 

How to Enhance Beautiful Calligraphy with Stunning Layouts

With simple tips, tools and practical advice, this section shows you how to present your text on the page for maximum effect. We cover sure-fire layouts, design techniques, margins and spacing to make your prose beautifully appealing to the eye. Plus, we also show you exactly how to decorate the capital letter at the beginning of a poem like a pro! 

Writing Calligraphy in Gothic Hand I, II and III

Stemming from northern Europe, this hand is perfect for certificates, diplomas, writing religious verse, poetry and invitations for very formal or solemn occasions. The hands on lessons teach you all the lettering as well as a Gothic pen-pattern border. Now that your skills are blossoming, we also cover some more advanced aspects of Gothic hand such as embellishing words and creating authentic Gothic layout. 

Discover the Versatility of Uncial Hand I and II

Originating in Ireland, this hand is used extensively for manuscripts, long prose or invitations and is ideal for more practical, everyday uses such as labels on jam jars or preserves. Once you've mastered the other hands, this one is a lot easier! We also take you step-by-step through three fantastic craft projects in this section of the course. 

Create a Flourishing Finish with Borders and Decoration

When you've created delightfully crafted prose, it seems a shame not to give it an attractive border when it is easy to learn how! People will think you slaved over it for days. We step you through full borders, kaleidoscope patterns, filigree borders and a huge range of decorations such as flowers, butterflies, scrolls, ribbons and more. 

Richly Embellishing Letters and the Art of Illumination

Starting with the simple act of including colour in a manuscript, illumination has spread to art that fills us with awe. We get you started on this art with two projects illuminating capital letters with rich colours. You'll love these projects! 

Eye-catching Invitation, Delightful Posters and Gorgeous Greeting Cards

Whether you offer your services to businesses for money, or help out your club or family, you'll be in demand with your new skills. We give you a step-by-step guide to creating a formal wedding invitation, a child's party invitation, four different greeting cards and a poster advertising a cake stall. You can adapt these lessons to any subject you need - let your new skills and imagination run wild! 

Further Reading, Resources and Handy Calligraphic Information

Once you get this far in the course and your enthusiasm has been ignited, you will no doubt be keen to keep learning and developing your skills. This section provides lots of further information on all aspects of the craft from copyright, books, equipment and more.

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