MYOB v19 Payroll

MYOB v19 Payroll

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Are you wanting to get up to speed with Payroll? or perhaps you would prefer to tackle a complete qualification in Accounting. Whatever your needs we are sure to have a course that suits. If this is not the course that you are looking for, please click on the search icon and type in some keywords.

Payroll Course
This online course is intended for people who wish to use the MYOB Payroll facility to create pays. 
By the end of this Course students will be able to setup employees for the payroll, conduct 
pay runs and fulfil payroll obligations 

Setting up Payroll 

  • What does payroll do? 
  • Setting up a company file 
  • Understanding payroll categories 
  • Creating a new deduction 
  • Creating new Payroll 
  • Withholding Accounts 
  • Linking accounts 

Employee’s Cards 

  • Getting to know employee payroll 
  • details 
  • Creating an Employee card 
  • Entering Payroll details for salaried 
  • employees 
  • Entering Payroll details for 
  • Hourly Employees 
  • Entering Payroll History 
  • Employee Banking Details 
  • Splitting Electronic Payments 

Conducting a Pay Run 

  • Conducting a pay run overview 
  • Setting up Bank Details for Electronic 
  • Payments 
  • Preparing Electronic Payments 
  • Paying Hourly Employees 
  • Paying Salaried employees 
  • Printing Pay slips 
  • Running a Summary Report 


  • Overview of Entitlements 
  • Modifying Existing Entitlements 
  • Creating extra sick and holiday pay 
  • entitlements 
  • Applying Entitlements 
  • Entering Carry Overs 
  • Entitlements for Hourly Employees 
  • Entitlements for Salaried Employees 
  • Reviewing Entitlements 
  • Running Entitlement Reports 

Time Sheets 

  • Overview of Timesheets 
  • Activating the Timesheet Facility in 
  • MYOB 
  • Preparing Employee Cards for 
  • Timesheets 
  • Entering Data into Timesheets 
  • Conducting a Pay Run using Timesheets 
  • Creating Subsequent Timesheets 
  • Running Timesheet Reports 

Payroll Information 

  • Overview of Payroll Information 
  • Analysing Employee Pays 
  • Payroll Categories 
  • Payroll Summary Reports 

Payroll Obligations 

  • Overview of Payroll obligations 
  • Checking Payroll Liabilities 
  • Paying the PAYG withholding 
  • Paying Deductions 
  • Paying Superannuation Guarantee 
  • Contributions 
  • Reviewing Liability Payments 
  • Payroll End of Year Obligations 
  • Creating Payment Summaries 
  • Starting a New Year 

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