MYOB v19 Intermediate

MYOB v19 Intermediate

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This online course is intended for people who need to know how to use more of the Features in MYOB. 
The skills and knowledge covered in this course are sufficient to help you set up your inventory, use 
Inventory in invoices, understand more about BAS and manage your contacts and jobs. 

Setting up Inventory 

  • Organising Inventory Data and code structures 
  • Creating a new Inventory Item 
  • Buying Details 
  • Selling Details 
  • Entering Opening Balances for Inventory 

Purchasing using Inventory 

  • Adjusting Suppliers Cards to use the Item Layout 
  • Adding Item Details to a Purchase 
  • Understanding how stock levels are affected when 
  • entering a Purchase Invoice to check inventory 
  • status 
  • Using the Analysis Inventory window 

Selling using Inventory 

  • Adjusting Customers cards to use the Item Layout 
  • Entering an Item Sales Invoice 
  • Understanding how stock levels are affected when 
  • entering a Sales Invoice 
  • Using the Analysis Inventory window to check 
  • inventory status 
  • Providing discounts 
  • Changing Line Item Prices 


  • Placing items on Backorder 
  • Viewing the Backorder 
  • Raising a Purchase Order to resupply the 
  • backorder 
  • Noticing how Purchase Orders affect stock levels 
  • by analysing inventory 
  • Resupplying Backorders 
  • Receiving supplies for backorders and entering in 
  • the Purchase Invoice 
  • Fulfilling Backorders

Auto Build Items 

  • Creating an Auto-Build Item 
  • Creating Tracking Accounts 
  • Specifying the Selling Details 
  • Specifying the component parts 

Other Inventory Topics 

  • Receiving Items with changed value 
  • Receiving Items without a bill 
  • Obtaining Quotes 
  • Progressing Quotes 
  • Printing Price Lists 
  • Other Inventory Reports 
  • Adjusting Inventory 


  • Overview of Job Tracking 
  • Creating a Header Job 
  • Creating Sub Jobs 
  • Creating Job Budgets 
  • Using Jobs 
  • Checking Job Status 
  • Creating a Reimbursable expense 
  • Checking the Reimbursable List 
  • Invoicing Reimbursements 


  • Managing and working with Contacts 
  • Customer Contact Logs 
  • Custom Lists and Identifiers 
  • Contact Alerts 
  • Contacts Reports 

Working with Reports 

  • Selecting a Report 
  • Printing Reports 
  • Understanding Report Customisation 
  • Choosing fields for a Report 
  • Filtering a Report 
  • Formatting a Report 
  • Saving a Report 
  • Changing Report Orientation 
  • Reporting in Excel 

MYOB and the GST 

  • Understanding Cash 
  • Accrual tax reporting 
  • Tax and Invoicing 
  • Understanding the Tax Codes 
  • Adding a Supplier without an ABN 
  • Recording an Order without an ABN 
  • Running GST Reports 


  • Preparing for the BAS - reports 
  • BASlink – understanding the Worksheet 
  • Setting up fields on the Front and Back sheets 
  • Creating the BAS transaction 

Customising Forms 

  • Creating a new Custom Form 
  • Understanding the Forms Toolbar 
  • Setting Form Properties 
  • Previewing a Form 
  • Working with Text Fields 
  • Adding a new Data Field 
  • Deleting unwanted objects 
  • Working with Lines 
  • Formatting Fields 
  • Shading Fields 
  • Inserting a logo or picture 
  • Using the New Form 

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