Outlook Advanced Essentials

Outlook Advanced Essentials

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25 Hours

Outlook 2013 Advanced Essentials

If you're looking for training on the following topics, you'll find it in our Microsoft Outlook 2013 Advanced Essentials course:

  • Using the Favorites list
  • Using search folders
  • Managing mail with rules
  • Creating and using categories
  • Managing junk mail
  • Sharing the calendar
  • Using meeting scheduling and mailbox features on Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Creating signatures
  • Managing Outlook data
  • Using data management tools like Mailbox Cleanup and AutoArchive
  • Working with Outlook profiles

Course Outline

Module 1: Using the Favorites List

  • Adding Folders to the Favorites List
  • Changing the Order of Favorite Folders
  • Removing a Folder from the Favorites List
  • Enabling and Disabling the Favorites List
  • Review Questions

Module 2: Using Search Folders

  • Creating Default Search Folders
  • Creating Custom Search Folders
  • Using Search Folders
  • Modifying Search Folders
  • Deleting Search Folders
  • Review Questions

Module 3: Using Rules

  • Creating a Simple Rule
  • Using the Rules Wizard
  • Editing Rules
  • Deleting Rules
  • Review Questions

Module 4: Using Categories

  • Configuring Categories
  • Using Quick Click
  • Using Categories in a View
  • Creating Category Search Folders
  • Review Questions

Module 5: Managing Junk Mail

  • Configuring Junk Mail Options
  • Using the Junk E-Mail Folder
  • About the Phishing Filter
  • About Automatic Downloads
  • Managing Blocked and Safe Senders Lists
  • Review Questions

Module 6: Sharing Your Calendar

  • Sharing a Calendar
  • Responding to a Calendar Sharing Request
  • Viewing Another User’s Calendar
  • Using Schedule View
  • Review Questions

Module 7: Scheduling Meetings with Microsoft Exchange Server

  • Creating a Meeting Request
  • Using the Scheduling Assistant
  • Using the Room Finder and Sending a Meeting Request
  • Responding to a Meeting Request
  • Tracking Responses
  • Managing Attendees
  • Cancelling a Meeting
  • Review Questions

Module 8: Exchange Server Mailbox Features

  • Setting Permissions on Your Mailbox
  • Configuring Delegate Access
  • Viewing Another User’s Mailbox
  • Setting Up Automatic Replies
  • Review Questions

Module 9: Using Signatures

  • Creating a Signature
  • Editing a Signature
  • Setting Signature Options
  • Using Signatures
  • Review Questions

Module 10: Organizing Data

  • Using Mailbox Cleanup
  • Configuring AutoArchive
  • Manually Archiving Data
  • Exporting Data
  • Importing Data
  • Review Questions

Module 11: Managing Personal Folders

  • Creating a Personal Folders File
  • Setting a Personal Folders File as Default
  • Adding a Password to a Personal Folders File
  • Opening Personal Folders
  • Closing Personal Folders
  • Review Questions

Module 12: Using Outlook Profiles

  • Creating a New Profile
  • Viewing Profile Properties
  • Setting Profile Options
  • Choosing Your Profile
  • Deleting a Profile
  • Review Questions

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