Certificate in Biological Psychology

Certificate in Biological Psychology

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Study Biopsychology to learn more about the brain and biology!  

Understand more about how our physical state affects how we think and how we behave.
Learn more about the interaction between our biology and brain.
Study drugs and alcohol and how this affects us biologically and mentally.
Study six modules. There are three core modules of - Biopsychology, Neuropsychology and Psychopharmacology
You then choose three modules from a list of electives, including Human Biology, Stress, Introduction to Psychology, Biopsychology II, Developmental Psychology and Bioenergetics (Human Biology IB)
You can start the course at any time and study from the comfort of your own home
Our tutors are there to help you all the way 
 This course will improve your job and career prospects and is suitable for:

People working with medications but want to know more such as nursing home staff and carers
People working as counsellors but would like to be more informed
Anyone interested in the affects of drugs and medication upon the human body and mind.
Core Modules    These modules provide foundation knowledge for the Qualification - Certificate in Biological Psychology .

  •      Biopsychology I BPS108
  •      Neuropsychology BPS306
  •      Psychopharmacology (Drugs and Psychology) BPS302

Elective Modules    In addition to the core modules, students study any 3 of the following 6 modules.

  •      Human Biology 1A (Anatomy & Physiology) BSC101
  •      Introduction To Psychology BPS101
  •      Stress Management VPS100
  •      Biopsychology II BPS204
  •      Developmental Psychology BPS210
  •      Human Biology IB (Bioenergetics) BSC20

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